“Alane” Music Video

Robin Schulz & Wes


his summer we’ve been asked by “A Current State” to help them with the CGI character design for Robin Schulz hit single “Alane” feat. Wes Madiko. Thanks to the vision of their director Robert Wunsch and the incredible talent of their directing DoPs, local crews and the amazing choreography by Daniel Asamoah, we were able to participate in creating this uplifting music video. A massive thank you to everyone at “A Current State” who made this possible.

Produced by A Current State (www.acurrentstate.com)
Directed by Robert Wunsch (www.robertwunsch.com)
Client: Warner Music DE
Artist: Robin Schulz & Wes
Edit by Robert Wunsch & Paul Bröse

3D Character Design: Kiyan Forootan from Nextframe Studio
Head of Motion Capture: Niklas Bothe

Choreographer: Daniel Asamoah

Design development